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"I've viewed hundreds of resumes & cover letters, consulted with headhunters & professional resume writers and hired dozens of people. Recently, I tested my knowledge and helped a few students get hired. Now, I'd like offer my services to everyone - Work with me and I'll make your resume and cover letter stand out maximizing your chances of being hired!"


Neil Parsont

Job Seeking Services

Resume & Cover Letter

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  • Resume Perfection

  • Cover Letter Template

  • Job Seeking Advice

Resume Perfection


  • Eye-Catching Design

  • Effective Job Descriptions

  • Skill Highlights

Cover Letter


  • Specific to the job

  • Re-usable Template

  • Stand out!


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Deliver Professional Resume

I've personally viewed hundreds of resumes and cover letters, along with hiring dozens of employees for multiple compaines. Furthermore, I've consulted with professional resume writers and successfully implemented my knowledge for others leading to job placements. I will make your resume extemely professional in both visual appeal and content maximizing your chances of being hired!


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Personal Phone Discussion

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Receive Professional Cover Letter

The cover letter helps your resume stand out. However, many times it detracts value as employers can quickly tell it was a copy/paste job. I will provide you a custom cover letter for a specific job and explain exactly how you can create cover letters quickly and efficiently for all jobs. These letters will still be specific to the job and impactful without requiring excessive time to create. Get your cover letter today!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q. 1

    How long until I receive my Resume or Cover Letter?

    Turnaround time is usually 2 to 3 business days.

  • Q. 2

    How do I customize future cover letters?

    I will discuss this with you on the phone after delivery of the first cover letter.

  • Q. 3

    Do employers really care about a cover letter?

    Yes! They give you a chance to stand out from the other dozens of candidates. It gives you a chance to tell a story and differentiate yourself from the other applicants



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